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Accounting software for industry
Accounting software for industry
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HiTech Computer Services
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HiTech Industry Management Software

Customized for Small / Medium Industries 
Complete with Invoicing, Inventory, Payroll and Accounts 

  Customer Module
  Supplier Module
  Inventory Control Module
  Sales Module
  Purchase Module
  Employee Module
  Accounts Module
  Bar Coding Module
  Help Home Page


Inventory Control Module, Product Database

Product Record
        1. Adding New Product
        2. Finding Product Information
        3. Editing a Product Record
        4. Deleting a Product Record
Product List
Price List
Material Issue Note : R/M To Shop Floor
Material Receipt Note for Finished Goods and Scrap
Material Receipt Note for Reusable Scrap
Stock Location Transfer Memo
Material Transactions Book
Job Execution on Labour Basis
        1. Material Received for Job Work from Customer
        2. Material Issued for Job Work to Production
        3. Scrap Received After Job Work from Production
        4. Reusable Scrap Received After Job Work
        5. Material Record - Labour Basis
        6. Material List - Labour Basis
        7. Material Transaction Book - Labour Basis
        8. Stock Statement - Labour Basis Job Work
Job wise Labour Record
Standard Job Costing
Standard Product Costing
Raw Material Consumption Chart
Assessment of Raw Material Requirements
Periodic Sales & Stock Statement
        1. Good Stock and Bad Stock
        2. Preparing Sales And Stock Statement
        3. Modifying Closing Stock
Sales & Stock Statements (Manual Mode)
Stock Movement Analysis
        1. Stock Item Movement Register / Stock Register
        2. Billwise Product Sales
        3. Billwise Product Purchase
        4. Billwise Sales Return
        5. Billwise Purchase Return
        6. Graph of Product Sale
        7. Graph of Product Purchase
        8. Saleability of Product
        9. Movements of product
        10. Slow Moving Items
Products to be Reordered List
Internal Stock Transfer of Expired / Breakages Products
        1. Transfer of Breakages / Expiry to Bad Stock

Record of Breakages / Expired Products
List of Breakages / Expired Products

Inventory Control Module is the heart of inventory control system. It keeps detailed information of all the products which are sold or purchased along with their current stock. The whole process of Inventory Control is fully automated. The inventory control module keeps track of good and Damaged / Expired stock separately. This module produces various reports like Sales & Stock Statement, Sales Ledger, Products nearing expiry, Products to be reordered along with companywise Price List, Product List. All the reports can be printed and the columns to be printed can be selected by you.

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